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Eye See the Resemblance by Rikakittie
Eye See the Resemblance
"First-day-of-school-picture time!" the violet-haired first-year cheered as she wrapped her hands around the waist of her upperclassmen cousin.
Amethyst's cheeks glowed a pinkish color. The mere thought of her disrupted the normal rhythm of his heart, but for her to touch him sent him in a sweet trance. He placed one hand on her shoulder -- the other on his hip -- and tried to act unaffected. 
"You're so cute when you blush. I'm so going to make you mine," she smiled mischievously.


You all like my title? I'm so clever. :D

Anyway, I present Amethyst Rose and Plum Marx. Amethyst is the only son of Alicia Rose and Plum's deceased uncle, Gary. He prefers to wear skirts and dresses, which is rare but not abnormal in the htran culture.

EDIT: Plum is his cousin...and (half) sister?! Maybe. Honestly, I'm still flushing out the details and am constantly back and forth on what I want their relationship to be.

Are these two going to be kissing cousins? Or is Plum Amethyst's "sister from another mister?" Will Amethyst remain a blonde in future drawings? Am I still an active deviant? Find out on the next episode of Incest May B!
Bruh by Rikakittie
"Bo, I'm going to wear your pants today," the pink-haired teen said to his taller, darker twin as they get dressed for school.
"You're starting to wear my pants everyday, Arrow," Bo commented.
"Mine don't fit me anymore."
"They don't? Dude, you've been the same size since we were eleven! Are you pregnant or -"


...and history repeats itself. 

I present Vaughn's twins, Bowen and Arrow Strait (w/ a random tattooed Vaughn in the upper corner), from my mpreg alien Seahorses story. I uploaded this to my laptop way back in March but didn't want to deal with the hassle of uploading it until today. I don't know how frequently I'll be uploading art at the moment, but I'll try my best to not take as long as before.
Trouble by Rikakittie
"Mr. Queer, our school has a strict 'no makeup' policy," the principal stated.
"Yes, I am aware," replied Kendal.
"If what you say is true, then why do I have both of your daughters in my office this morning?"
"You really should be asking my spouse that."

Pictured above (going left to right) are Isis, an older Kendal, and Cadence from my Seahorses story. Isis is Kendal's daughter and Cadence is the daughter of Kendal's spouse, Iris. Unlike previous pictures of him, Kendal has pointed ears. This is because I wanted a more obvious way for others to distinguish Htans from humans. I finished this back in February but waited to upload it because I am still having issues with my laptop.

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"Alicia!" Gay screamed, his gown drenched with sweat. Gentle hands quickly placed on both shoulders directed his attention to a familiar face. His lips formed into a relieved smile. "You're blonde."

"Y-yeah. I was, um, tired of seeing red," Alicia mumbled, tucking some loose strands of hair behind her ear. She looked very different with her natural hair color styled into a short bob, but not in a bad way. In fact, she looked quite refreshed.

"Is Gary...?"

"Burning in Hell? I pray so," she said, unapologetically. "It would be the kindest fate for him after what he did to you."

Gay gazed downward and instinctively rested his hands over his stomach. His eyes filled with panic at the flatness. "The baby!"

Alicia smiled. "Don't worry. He's fine."

"It's a... He's a..." Gay sat back. Tears of joy ran down his cheeks. "Where is he?"

Alicia's eyes began to water, but she shook her tears away. "Would you like to meet him before we leave?"


She couldn't fight back the tears anymore. "Y-Yeah. I don't know where yet, but it'll definitely be somewhere far away from you and your family. I have been nothing but a troublesome splinter in your palm!"

Gay adjusted his body to face Alicia, staring at her with much intensity in his eyes. Alicia slightly leaned back as a precaution. For what, she did not know. "Have I ever called you troublesome? I don't remember uttering such words."

"You got shot because of me! By your brother! All because I used him to stay closer to you! How is that not troublesome?"

"Nothing that happened to me was your fault. Gary suffered from psychosis long before he met you. I only wish he could have found the proper help he needed. Actually, Alicia, I want to thank you for loving him at one point. He felt genuine happiness with you, even if it was only temporary."

"You're only saying that to make me feel better."

"I'm only being honest. I care for you, Alicia."

"You do?" Alicia beamed.

Gay nodded. "I must apologize for my feelings not being in the same context as yours, unfortunately, but they still hold some weight. Don't they?"

Alicia lowered her head slightly. "May we stay with you?"

"I would want nothing more," Gay smiled. Alicia collapsed into Gay, burying her face in his chest. He cradled her in his arms as she sobbed uncontrollably.


Ten fingers and eleven toes, a head full of thin blonde hair, and skin that was slightly tented. Just like his mother. His big orchid eyes laced with wonder surveyed the room.

"He's so beautiful," Gay remarked to Alicia, both too absorbed in the infant to notice their visitors.

"Sorry to interrupt this precious moment but you needs to know I, Vaughn Archer Strait, have given birth to both of my offsprings," Vaughn proclaimed. "Naturally," he soon added.

"Congratulations," Gay smiled.

"Now you only look like you're pregnant with one average spawn," Iris bullied.

"Iris," Kendal called.

"At least I look pregnant," Vaughn snipped.

Pearl, whom Gay did not realize was there before, made her way through the bickering individuals to her infant cousin. She gushed about his appearance and asked to hold him. Gay carefully handed him to her and she returned to her former position next to Vaughn.

"So," Vaughn pointed back and forth between Gay and Alicia, "are you know...?"

Gay glanced at Alicia before addressing the teenaged father of two. "Although Alicia's feelings for me are deeper than mine, she is still very precious to me. We are going to raise Amethyst together."

Kendal grinned admirably. "That's wonderful."

"Amethyst?" Iris repeated with disgust.

Vaughn rolled his eyes. "You act like Cadence is any better."

"Better than Bowen and Arrow! Like, seriously?"

"I will fucking shoot you with a bow and arrow!"

"Hey, language!" Gay and Alicia shout in unison.

Iris huffed and puffed a couple times before regaining his composure. "Look, I'm just happy you didn't die, Gay. Could you imagine dying without ever being kissed?"

"You've never been kissed?" Vaughn asked, his tone curious.

Gay shook his head sheepishly.

Suddenly, Vaughn approached Gay's bedside. He licked his lips before gently pressing them against the virgin school teacher's. Alicia's jaw dropped. It was a quick kiss, more awkward than passionate. "Now you can die happily."

"Vaughn!" Pearl screamed, alarming the baby.

"What? I've never taken anyone's first kiss before. It's not like I used my tongue."

"That's sexual harassment, idiot!"

Vaughn rolled his eyes in response. He glanced at the digital clock next to the television set in the room. "Pearl, let's go. It's babies feeding time."

It was Pearl's turn to roll her eyes, but she returned the baby to her uncle and accompanied Vaughn anyway. Roni and Duet also made a short surprise visit later that evening before leaving to loiter around the labor and delivery unit; Iris and Kendal departed shortly after. By nightfall, Gay, Alicia, and Amethyst were alone again.

"That Vaughn kid's sister is all kinds of strange! Her friend, too! Did you see the way she clung to Iris? Not like he minded, though," Alicia laughed.

"Duet and Roni are sweet girls."

"Yeah, you're right. I'm still mad at Vaughn for kissing you, though."

"I definitely was not expecting that," he blushed.

"You know, you really are a good guy, Gay."

Gay faced Alicia. He had a certain look in his eyes as he carefully leaned in closer to her, eventually pressing his lips against her cheek. "Please, call me Guy."

Alicia blushed into her hands, nodding her head continuously.
Original Seahorses Ending
Thank you for reading. :heart:


EDIT (04/17/15): To be honest, I did not really like the first ending I posted for this story. I'm not too fond of time skips for an ending in general because they create so many new questions [What?! Iris getting a humanization surgery without any prior indication?! Both random and unnecessary].

This is as close to the original ending I had planned for this series. Yes, even that part between Vaughn and Gay.
The good news is I have more free time now that I only have one class to worry about this semester. The bad news is that my laptop, which I use to scan and upload my artwork here, is starting to act as old as it is. I will still be posting artwork, but it will continue to be sparse.

I am sincerely thankful for all of you, my lovely Watchers. Stay amazing!

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The good news is I have more free time now that I only have one class to worry about this semester. The bad news is that my laptop, which I use to scan and upload my artwork here, is starting to act as old as it is. I will still be posting artwork, but it will continue to be sparse.

I am sincerely thankful for all of you, my lovely Watchers. Stay amazing!

  • Mood: Daily Needs
  • Watching: Jeopardy


Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
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Greetings, fellow deviants! :heart:

I primarily post original content, but my inner fan girl comes out from time to time, too. I do not judge you for your interests, and I would appreciate it if you do not judge me for mine either.

What I DO NOT draw:
Full nudity
Extreme stuffing or inflation
Abnormally large pregnant women/men (when belly > body)
Fan art of real-life people
(I do not have enough free time and am a terrible procrastinator)

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